Framed Recipe Cards

Here’s a fun wall decoration for your kitchen with a nod to older generations. Many of us have recipe cards from our moms or grandmothers. Written in their familiar handwriting, the recipe cards are old family gems that have become a precious memento. Here you can display those wonderful recipe cards to look at anytime you please and remember past generations of women. My recipe cards are (top to bottom) my mom’s marinara sauce recipe, my mother-in-law’s German potato salad recipe, and my aunt’s hot beef dip recipe.

Framed Recipe Cards









You will need:

  1. A handwritten recipe card
  2. A frame that will accommodate the size of a recipe card and has a mat. I bought mine at IKEA in Bloomington, MN, and I believe they’re the RIBBA Frame. It’s 8″x6″ on the outside and about 4.5″x6.5″ inside the mat.
  3. Scrapbook paper (not glossy because it doesn’t fold well) with a cooking theme.
  4. A sawtooth hanger.
  5. Scissors
  6. Tape
  7. Hammer and nail

Step 1: First you will cover the mat with scrapbook paper. This is a multi-step process as follows. Lay the scrapbook paper face down on your table. Place the mat face down on top of the paper. You will cut the paper around the outside and the inside of the mat leaving yourself an extra about .5-1″ for overlapping the frame. In this photo, the dotted lines are my cut lines.







Now you will make 4 diagonal cuts in the inner corners. See my cutting lines in this photo:








Fold back the inner edges.








Next you will make 4 diagonal cuts on the outside corners. Like this:








Fold the outside edges down. When you do this, you will notice that you have extra paper in the corners that gets in the way. Cut off those extra triangles so the paper will lie flat. In the picture below, the top left corner shows the problem. The other three corners have been trimmed.









Fold down all the edges and tape them down. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be pretty. The back will all be hidden inside your frame.









Voila! You have a mat covered with scrapbook paper!









Step 2: Place the recipe card under the mat and put it in the frame.

Step 3: Attach the sawtooth hanger to the top of the back of the frame.








Step 4: Hammer a nail into the wall where you want to hang your framed recipe card. Hang and enjoy!








If you have any questions, let me know. I hope you give it a try!



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